Hi Everybody! Welcome to my blog about soda blasting, the environmentally friendly cleaning method that uses a form of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in place of other non-environmentally friendly, and health hazardous blasting medias like sand.

In my earlier postings, I explained what soda blasting is, what makes soda blasting such a unique cleaning process, some basic information on air compressors, on soda blasting equipment, and on a few popular applications. Once you understand how soda blasting works, it is much easier to appreciate why it is such an effective, safe, and eco-friendly cleaning method for many different types of jobs.

As I mentioned in my last blog posting, soda blasting has become a worldwide phenomenon! As I think back over the last several years, I am amazed at all of the different types of projects that I’ve been involved with, from helping do-it-yourself home owners, to assisting all kinds of businesses, large and small. I enjoy hearing from people that have used soda blasting on their projects, based on my recommendations. It is very satisfying to know that I’ve helped someone achieve completion of an important job.

Since I am a history, auto, and nostalgia fan, I want to tell you about one of my favorites. One day, I got a call from a gentleman at General Motors. He asked if soda blasting would be a good way to clean up an old metal structure that had been sitting in storage for nearly 50 years. The structure consisted of several panels of arched aluminum, each one about 30 feet in length. They had been part of an old display that GM wanted to restore for use again. He said that they were structurally sound, but were stained and discolored from decades of built up crud, grime, grease and dirt all over them.

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. Barely able to contain my excitement, I said “Motorama?” There was a moment of silence, and then he asked, “How did you know that?” I explained that I was kind of a nostalgia fan and was very familiar with Motorama.

Motorama was a traveling auto show in the 1950’s. These automobile extravaganzas were designed to whet public appetite and boost automobile sales with displays of fancy prototypes, concept vehicles and other special “Dream Car” models. Almost 11 million people attended these shows from 1949 to 1961. The Chevrolet Corvette was originally designed as a show car for the 1953 Motorama display at the New York Auto Show, where it generated enough interest to induce GM to make a production version for sale to the public.

These particular panels were suspended from above the main display stage, on which the most important concept cars sat. Very cool stuff for a nostalgic, retro fan.

After a detailed discussion about the condition of the panels, I told him that soda blasting was the best way to restore this historic piece of Americana. He agreed, and after researching portable soda blasters, decided to purchase an ACE Model 2-PS Heavy Duty Portable Soda Blaster to do this important job.

Since restoring the panels back to original appearance was essential, I recommended using a medium maintenance grade of soda blast media, and starting at a low blasting pressure. Sure enough, the panels cleaned up, and were restored back to their former glory. It was satisfying to play a part in the restoration of an icon from the “Golden Age” of American automotive history.

I’ll write about some of the other interesting projects that I’ve been involve with, using soda blasting, in future postings. Soda blasting really is one of the most exciting, environmentally friendly cleaning processes available today. Here’s wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday season. We are all put here on this planet for a short time, so let’s make the best of it and help preserve it for future generations.

Thanks for reading my blog! – The Soda Blasting Guy