Soda Blasting Snowmobile & ATV Engine Parts

(Polaris Ranger 800 ATV Cylinders – before and after soda blasting using ACE Model 2-S Soda Blasting Cabinet – All photos courtesy of Indy Specialty – Welch, Minnesota)

Hi Everybody!  Welcome to my blog about soda blasting, the environmentally friendly cleaning method that uses a form of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in place of other non-environmentally friendly, and health hazardous blasting medias like sand.

Over the years, I have explained many different facets of the soda blasting process.  Once you understand how soda blasting works, it is much easier to appreciate why it is such an effective, safe, and eco-friendly cleaning method for many different types of jobs.  If you are a first time reader, I encourage you to look through past blog postings for a lot of great information.  Here is a link to The Soda Blasting Guy archive of past blog postings:

I’ve shown you examples of some common, real life applications for soda blasting like stripping automotive paint from steel and aluminum bodied vehicles, removing old finishes from wooden furniture, and cleaning swimming pool tile, even restoring old kiddie rides.

Today I want to talk about soda blasting precision parts using a soda blasting cabinet.  A soda blasting cabinet is used for cleaning or stripping parts inside of a shop, factory or garage.   Nothing beats soda blasting for cleaning or stripping any kind of part or piece where you want to maintain the dimensional or surface characteristics.  This is critical for many types of engine and transmission rebuilding or repair.

Indy Specialty in Welch, Minnesota is a complete CNC Polaris motor rebuild shop, that specializes in building motors to better than factory quality and performance.  They have state-of-the-art CNC and conventional motor rebuilding equipment for all types of motors from snowmobiles, ATV, dirt bike, outboards and more.  They also have an ACE Model 2-S Soda Blasting Cabinet with Dust Collector, which is used extensively on a daily basis to clean cylinder heads, crankcases and clutches.

(Polaris Ranger 800 ATV Crankcase – before soda blasting)

(Polaris Ranger 800 ATV Crankcase – after soda blasting)

As Jon at Indy Specialty said, “We run the blaster almost non-stop and it really is instrumental in what we do.  We are a high end shop and our customers expect the highest quality possible.  In fact, when a customer receives a clutch that we have serviced, they are often so tickled at how clean they are that they send in another one for us to do right away!”

(Snowmobile clutch parts – before soda blasting)

(Snowmobile clutch parts – after soda blasting)

If a high end, state-of-the-art shop like Indy Specialty depends on soda blasting to clean critical parts, there is a good chance that it would work well for your shop too.  If you rebuild engines and transmissions, pumps, electrical motors, or any type of precision equipment, take a look at soda blasting!

I hope this helps you out. In future postings, I’ll write about some of the other interesting projects that I’ve been involved with, using soda blastingSoda blasting really is one of the most exciting, environmentally friendly cleaning processes available today.  We are all put here on this planet for a short time, so let’s make the best of it and help preserve it for future generations.

Thanks for reading my blog! – The Soda Blasting Guy